What the Heck is BizPudding About?

= Business
Pudding = Mixture of Ingredients to Create a Winning Dessert

We cover the business space; online, local, eCommerce, e-marketing, social media and a whole lot more. These days it takes a mixture of the right stuff to make things rock and roll in the entrepreneurship world. BizPudding is all about providing a guide, provoking your thoughts and sharing ideas that will help our readers and followers to grow their eCommerce and online presence.

The founder of BizPudding; Riyaz Jessa comes with great credentials; being involved in high-level management and having launched several businesses from the ground up, he truly understands the challenges and hard work entrepreneurs face. He candidly discusses his failures, successes, and ideas on how to approach various growth hurdles any business faces.

Riyaz brings over 30 years of solid business, manufacturing and technology experience to the table. He infuses his passion for customer care, sense of small business and constant desire to learn, creating a potent combination; which he readily shares with his professional and business network.

He goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping clients, business associates, networking partners by openly sharing his wealth of knowledge in business, web technology, e-commerce, online marketing to help improve their business or professional growth. Basically, he cares!

As the saying goes; “All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Duller Boy”, Riyaz also has fun golfing, traveling, public speaking, reading and connecting with new like minded individuals. In his limited spare time, he likes to give back to the community through his local food bank,  facilitate public speaking courses for youths and taking active roles in nonprofit organizations.