5 Ways On How Canadian Small Businesses Can Lower Shipping Costs Via A Free Shipping Platform

How Using a Free Click and Ship Technology Lowers Shipping Costs for Canadian Small Businesses?

Small enterprises, eCommerce stores, home-based businesses involved in shipping or receiving goods find it a bottleneck but a necessary cog in their operating wheel.

It’s a bitter-sweet pill. Shipping products equate to revenue for the business, yet this process can be a pain to handle due to; fluctuating rates, dealing with multiple vendors, loads of paperwork, tracking, tracing, claims etc.

This is especially true for small businesses who don’t have a dedicated shipper/receiver and require the owner or another staff member to juggle the workload. Besides the burden of additional work, it also requires a special skill set to understand shipping lingo and processes such as; shipping documents required, resolving lost shipments, initiating claims, negotiating new rates etc.

If you are a small business owner and face any one of the challenges listed below with shipping, keep an open mind and consider using available free technologies to help you automate and lower your shipping costs.

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1. Never Negotiate:


If you don’t ship enough, the major carriers will not even bother to sit down and provide any discounts on your shipping. Your only option is to open an account online and pay the retail price for your shipments.

I recently came across a business owner who launched an eCommerce shop and was bluntly told by a major courier company they did not qualify for any shipping discounts.

This is extremely frustrating, especially for businesses who need to understand their raw shipping costs in order to price their products competitively.

If you don’t ship enough, the major carriers will not even bother to sit down and provide any discounts on your shipping.

Considering, shipping charges are such a big factor in selling products especially online, not having discounted rates to start, puts you at a great disadvantage. In fact, it can be a business killer for many.

For those that ship enough, major courier companies will provide discounts based on volume. The higher the volume the greater the discount level. Remember, you need to maintain the volume to maintain the discount and these rates will generally need to be negotiated annually. Which I assure you is a pain.

Several years ago, I negotiated rates for my eCommerce site but during the off-season, my discount levels got re-adjusted (lowered) since I couldn’t maintain shipping volumes. That really affected my bottom line and it was an eye-opener into the world of shipping. I quickly found and switched over to a quality 3rd party shipping solution and never looked back.

If you do decide to negotiate a deal and sign a contract, you will now be committed to one vendor which has other disadvantages (see point 4 & 5).


Use this free shipping app and enjoy:

  • Heavily discounted rates (from multiple companies) regardless of your volume.
  • Rates which always remain competitive,
  • Never having to negotiate for discounts.
  • Using multiple carriers without restrictions or conditions

2. Pay Single Vendor:


Managing cash flow is the trick to running a successful small business. Often, owners juggle and get into “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” scenario. Especially when you have multiple vendors who need to be kept satisfied with timely payments.

When you are dealing with multiple shipping vendors, you have no choice but ensure prompt payment (to all of them) to maintain service and discount levels. Additionally, poor paying clients lose leverage in future rate negotiations.

In business; fewer payables = fewer headaches.


Using free shipping application solutions from 3rd party re-sellers allows your business to use multiple shipping companies but receive a single invoice and pay only one vendor.

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3. Automate Processes:


How do you find the cheapest shipping rates? You or your staff probably visit various major courier (for small packages) websites and do an online quote. With freight shipments (skids/pallets), you call or email a few carriers, maybe use a bid site and wait for a quote.

Do you know how much time is wasted waiting, searching and requesting for quotes by small businesses daily? Can you equate that to a dollar amount?

Let’s say the average wage you pay your staff was $15/hr and they spent 2 hours daily just hunting, waiting, calling, emailing for the lowest shipping rates. That equals to $150/weekly = $7800/yearly.

Over 25% of daily time is wasted by shippers searching for rates, tracking shipments, waiting for quotes


What if your business had access to a free application which provided competitive shipping rates instantly online from all the national courier and carrier companies, would that pique your interest?

In the process, you would not only save $7800 yearly but you could totally automate your search, compare, click and ship process, which would add further savings to your bottom line.

Additionally, all your tracking, tracing, claims etc would also be through a single web portal. No more hopping around sites for tracking, tracing various shipments.

How much value and savings would this technology bring to your organization?

4. Which Shipping Company is Best for Rate And Service?


For those who ship products nationwide, understand that no one courier or freight company fits all regions of the country, in terms of rates and service levels.

For instance, some are good going west, some going east, some to the US and overseas and yet others have amazing rates within individual provinces/states. This is true both for small packages and freight shipping.

Furthermore, it gets more complicated since rates can also vary based on the shipment size and service levels required.

The only way small businesses can figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the different companies is to actually try to compare the rates between them across various regions. This can be tedious and requires one to have multiple variations of their shipments to cross compare across the companies. Does a small business owner have the luxury of time to do this?

For those who ship products nationwide, understand that no one courier or freight company fits all regions of the country in terms of rates and service levels.


Use a shipping technology with a built-in algorithm which is capable of calculating the best shipping rates for various combinations and cost compares them against other carriers.

The result is a true filter of the most competitive pricing for each individual shipment. In essence, every shipment enjoys the best rate and the best courier/freight company which can fit that shipment.

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5. In Times of Shipping Busy-ness:


What happens to your shipments when shipping companies go on a work strike?

The same is true during extremely busy times such as; Black Friday, Christmas etc. How do you cope with missed pickups?

This becomes a bigger concern if you have a contractual agreement in place or are totally committed to using a favourite company for most of your daily shipments.

You obviously scramble, adjust and search for another company for fulfillment. You may even end up paying more for your shipping just to ensure your client requirements are met.


Using a smart shipping platform which provides access to multiple carriers with multiple rates, eliminates these pain points.

Using a smart shipping platform which provides access to multiple carriers with multiple rates, eliminates these pain points.

If company A goes on strike, you have several others to select from. If company A is unable to fulfill your needs, choose another from the list.

You are never committed or bound to a single carrier or courier company, yet you enjoy the best rates and service levels.


Small business owners need to focus on growing their business and learn to implement technology to help streamline and increase efficiencies.

Businesses involved in shipping physical products need to get away from trying to negotiate rates (unless they become big volume shippers), committing and signing contracts with single carriers, wasting time searching for the lowest shipping rates and manually initiating shipments on daily basis. Stop wasting your valuable time!

Stop wasting your valuable time!

By using the latest in shipping technology, you bring your business to a level that not only enjoys aggressive shipping rates (on every shipment) but also automates daily processes which has a direct impact on your profit margins.

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