15 Powerful and Simple Tips to Increase Your Website Visitors and Conversion Rate

How do you improve your website conversion rate and visitors without overhauling your website? Use these 15 simple but powerful hints to keep visitors engaged and increase your website conversion. Most tips listed are obvious but get forgotten.

How to Increase Your Website Conversion and Visitors?

1.  Smart Menu:

Not many pay attention to this simple but very important part of a website. A well-designed menu will lower bounce rates and increase user engagement thereby directly improving website conversion. Menus allow for quick and swift navigation around the site, helping searchers find content quickly and efficiently.

Intelligently arranged menus (especially with multi-level architecture) reduce frustration and increase visitor satisfaction.

A well-designed navigation system guides a reader or visitor to various parts of a website seamlessly, helping them to discover content that is of interest to them. Well-positioned menu links can subtly nudge visitors to other “related” content of interest. Fulfilling the purpose of keeping visitors on your site as long as possible.

Consider placing navigation menus on top and bottom of pages. This matches up with the behaviour of visitors which shows that site visitors tend to pay more attention to top and bottom of web pages, skipping or skimming quickly through the middle portions.

Studies show the Hamburger style menu buttons (the ones with short stacked lines which expand upon clicking) don’t  fair very well. Sure they look cool and all, but are not as engaging as the simple horizontal or vertical menu links. They do work well on mobile phones due to space constraints.

Follow the KISS methodology; easy to find and view, simple to use, intelligently structured and not cluttered.


2. Be Responsive:

Not only is this necessary for the comfort of your visitors and a must to ensure your website works well across all mediums, but it is critical for your SEO ranking. Google gives you negative points for a none responsive site or one that is not mobile friendly.

Over 58% of current searches are made using mobile phones. Click To Tweet

Does this mean that if your site is not responsive it will rank poorly on desktop ranking? No. It just means you are losing out on some serious business from mobile searchers.

Over 58% of current searches are made using mobile phones. In fact, that stat is even higher for local searches. Furthermore, over 80% of local searches lead to customers visiting the local store. Mobile friendly sites increase your website conversion rate. If your site is not responsive make sure it is converted asap.


3. Speed Matters

How long do you hang around for a web page to load? Unless the info you require is critical and only available on that site, you will not be wasting your time with a slow loading site or page.

Notice the analysis conducted by Walmart (image below) on the co-relation between load time and website conversion rate. Corporations like Amazon, eBay and the like take page loading extremely seriously since stats show that 25% of people abandon sites if they take more than 4 seconds to load. Which converts into millions of lost dollars annually.


Keep pages simple; reduce HTTP redirects, optimise images, enable browser caching, improve CSS code efficiency, keep plug-ins used to a minimum. Better page loading equates to higher website conversion.


4. Psychology of Colours:

Colour plays a very significant role and the psychology of its use on websites has a huge impact on visitors.  To truly understand the depth of how colours affect our thought and buying process, merely visit successful corporate sites and see how they use colours effectively to engage and entice visitors to take action. Here are a few examples;

• Blue (used by Facebook) is associated with stability and depth

• Green symbolises freshness, fertility

• Red is associated with strength, power, passion.

• Yellow is associated with clarity, optimism but also cowardice and deceit

Depending on the industry, product or service, your ideal customer profile, gender, age etc will dictate the colours of choice to be the most engaging. The infographic below shares how women and men perceive and react to colours; (obtained from Kissmetrics)




5. Write Well

You no longer have any excuses when it comes to spelling mistakes and grammatical errors whilst putting together content for your website. You have access to many tools and apps that can catch our silly mistakes and errors, use them!According to RealBusiness in UK; 59% of Britons would not do business with company’s who have poor grammar on their website.

According to RealBusiness in UK; 59% of Britons would not do business with company’s who have poor grammar on their website.

Spelling mistakes are a put off for any reader and it shows negligence on the writers part. Use simple sentences to convey your message and get to the point quickly. Seems humans have a diminishing attention span. The longer you take to make your point, the less likelihood they will stick around.


6. Engaging About Us Page: 

Increase your website’s trust factor and give it an authentic feel by having an About Us page that is genuine and transparent. Use stories, photographs and videos to build a rapport with your audience. Heck, just be unique, creative and genuine which will add interest and engage your visitors.

List team players, add their photos and bios. Build a culture, brand and theme around your page and be sure to update it regularly. Trust plays a big role with your website conversion rates. Higher trust equates to higher conversion numbers.

Did you know that almost 52% of visitors check out the About Us page

Take a peek at a couple of interesting and engaging About Us pages;



Mailchimp About Us Page



MOZ.com About Us Page


7. Testimonials, Reviews:

This has become the driving force in generating new business, building trust in your brand and improved loyalty. When researching on product or services we reach out to friends, family and the internet to get feedback based on reviews and testimonials from others who have used the brand previously. People buy from people they like and trust, the same is true online. Reviews build trust which directly translates into higher website conversion.

Post customer’s reviews and testimonials on your website rather than other review sites such as; Yelp, Facebook etc

According to YotPo;

Having reviews on your site allows you to rank highest in Google and brings traffic to you.

Take a look at the following infographic summarising an individual’s purchasing decision;



8. Where Do They Land?

After doing all the hard work on your website, you forget an important consideration. The content on your landing page does not match the search result you ranked for. In other words, you ranked for a keyword(s) and when visitors clicked on your link to learn more, they landed on a page that did not match their original search request.

As Unbounce puts it:

“…only about 20% of traffic is being sent to promotion specific landing pages, which is crazy. Most marketers know that landing pages improve conversion rates, but did you know that they can have a big impact on Google’s decision of your quality score (QS) …?”

Send your visitors to EXACTLY what THEY are looking for. If the search is for a brown shoe with leather uppers and laces, why would you send them to a page that has multiple choices of brown shoes? It’s a sure way to help chase away potential customers and lower your website conversion.

In the most basic form landing page is one that brings a visitor to it from another link or an ad. But from a marketing and advertising standpoint landing pages can be used to obtain leads or create a page that is specifically used to sell or guide the visitor to make a purchasing decision. Many landing pages have no links to the main website and are treated as single page sites.

Create individual product or service pages for your business and treat them as landing pages to provide better value to your visitors. Avoid cramming everything into a single web page.


9. Let Them Contact You

Does your contact page provide multiple means for a visitor to contact you or does it only have a form that requires filling?

Let me put this another way; how many contact-us forms have you filled out when you are searching for something in particular? If you haven’t done it, why would you expect your visitors to use one on your site?

A contact page is another great way to engage with your visitor. Make it easy and interesting for them to reach out to you. Entice them to ask for more information not because they have to but because they want to deal with your business.

Include the following on your contact page;

  • Contact form
  • Call To Action buttons
  • Location addresses
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Map
  • If you have multiple departments, method to contact specific ones
  • Social media buttons where they can reach you

A sample of simple but well-designed Contact page:


Not only does this provide an easy and compelling manner to get in touch but it proves you have nothing to hide and are open to doing business. Another way to build trust in your brand.


10. Check Your Links

Despite our due diligence and vigilance, almost every website (yes, even the big well-known ones) have broken links. The fault or negligence may not always lie with your website or webmaster. Sites or pages you may be linking to may no longer exist or have moved. Broken links on websites give a poor impression, lower your businesses trust factor which directly impacts your website conversion numbers. Fix those broken links.

Fortunately, there are several free tools on the web, that can help you do this without you or your webmaster having to go through hundreds of pages.

  • Google Analytics – This is a free service from Google but you need to activate an account, add your website etc before you can use Analytics.
  • Xenu Link Sleuth 
  • Screaming Frog

Use one of these or any other tool you feel comfortable to eliminate broken links. Although I haven’t used Xenu or Screaming Frog, research indicates Xenu as your choice. I prefer Google Analytics only because I use their other services regularly.


11. Content Is King

Want better website conversion stats? Write readable content. Write content that focuses on your customers, their pain points, providing solutions to their problems. Website visitors read and assimilate content very differently than through other mediums.  Pay attention to the following;

  • Be personal by adding stories to your content
  • Keep it simple
  • Provide value
  • Shorter paragraphs
  • Use images for explanation
  • Be focused
  • Avoid useless or fluff stuff
  • Write for the audience you are targeting
It's no longer Content is King, but rather Great Content Is King! Click To Tweet


12. Design, Colours, Fonts, Buttons

We know the importance of colours and how visitors react to them. Just as important are website layout, font, font size, buttons etc. Website design has changed dramatically over the last 10 years from flash designs with small font sizes, loud logos, cramped text to more simple and ergonomic sites.

Behavioural studies show how users react and interact with web pages based on multiple factors. These studies help us understand how minor tweaks and changes to our websites provide greater ROI.

It’s no longer a case of; Build it and they will come. You need to build with a purpose.

Simplify your design and layout, use web safe fonts, use easily readable font size (16px is recommended, higher is acceptable) and use impactful colours for CTA buttons and highlighted text. Carefully placed buttons and text links such as; “shoppers who bought this also bought this” help us guide and introduce our visitors (subtly) to other areas of our website.

Crowded and cluttered web pages are designs of the past. The new visitor is a sophisticated creature, much more intelligent, quick thinking, internet savvy, who wants more in a shorter period of time. Information has to be laid out in a manner that suits his/her purpose and desire. Your website design has to change and fulfil that need.

This example is an extreme case of poorly designed website;



13. Tighten Your Content

Write less, deliver more. Long drawn out sentences don’t work. Eliminate unnecessary words, be brief and most of all avoid repetition.

  • Use simple words
  • Break long complex sentences into shorter ones
  • Minimize the use of filler words such as; that, very, really
  • Avoid passive voice
  • Get to the point
  • Eliminate “there are”, “there is” at the start of sentences
  • Keep to shorter paragraphs (around 300 words); this helps with SEO as well.
  • Use white space to help with legibility

I am not an expert writer, but I am learning. Use the internet to find free tools which help with writing richer content.


14. Use Real Stuff

Want to make your website more powerful, build trust and engaging? Avoid poor stock photos, use real ones instead. A picture says a thousand words …..

  • Use real photographs of your staff on the website
  • Increase interest by posting photos of real clients from your events, testimonials, product launches, giveaways.
  • Be creative with photography by posting ones that rotate 360 degrees
  • Use photos to tell a story
  • Tug at emotions with photos. People buy on emotion and impulse.
  • Sell lifestyle with photographs

Tip: Ensure every image on your website has a unique Alt tag which consists of a keyword and short description (you may include serial # if applicable. It works wonders for your SEO. Never store image files with mere numbers or meaningless file names.


15. Moving Images…Move People

If photos say a thousand words, videos speak a million… Keep it short, sweet and to the message.

Listed here are just a few key facts about the impact video has online (obtained from Insivia)

  • 74% of all online traffic will be through video.
  • 55% of people watch videos every day.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers believe demo videos are helpful.
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds.
  • Snapchatters watch 10 million videos daily
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.



The internet is full of noise and chatter, you need to get your website heard and seen. The tips above will go a long way to improving your internet presence and help with your website conversion numbers, isn’t that what you want?

It takes only a small amount of effort to see huge gains. Once your site gets traction (and it will) the effort will have been worth it. Yes, there are many other tips and tricks that can bolster website conversion, but this list is a very good start.

Get started immediately. You already upload content, images, text, links etc on your website, now do it with a purpose and apply these powerful tips to help increase website visitors and improve website conversion numbers.

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