11 Critical Elements To Help Increase eCommerce Sales

How To Increase Your eCommerce Sales

Every eCommerce store needs continued sales, like any brick and mortar store. There are simple tweaks and changes you can make to help increase your eCommerce sales. These tips (not an exhaustive list) are highly recommended to help improve any eCommerce site. Although some are critical to any online shop, all of them add up to providing a solid base to your eCommerce sales success.


1. Clean and Simple Website:

Cleaner, simpler eCommerce website are the call of the day from most experts, but be cautious; trying to keep a “clean” page with lots of white-space may not work in every niche. In the effort of achieving a cleaner look, one may leave out important information for conversion, which customers need to make an educated buying decision.

Simpler eCommerce websites generally provide a great shopping experience & convert better Click To Tweet

Take a look at the before and after images of skinnyties.com redesign efforts, which increased sales by 42.4% in merely 2.5 weeks of the new launch.



Before Redesign



After Redesign

(image credit: www.conversionxl.com)


2. Navigation and Breadcrumbs:

Part of any well designed online store allows a shopper to move around efficiently and with ease. The more complicated the navigation, the less likelihood of a conversion.

Navigation is not just about menu options but how product pages are linked and layered along with breadcrumbs that help and show shoppers exactly where they are within the hierarchy of the site. Breadcrumbs are essential to allow movement around the site, especially eCommerce shops which has a large number of pages. It leaves a trail, helping shoppers navigate back to previous pages and eliminates using the back button.

Well-designed navigation and breadcrumbs help with the SEO of your site by allowing search engines understand how your site is structured.




3. Use High-Quality Photos:

With the incredible growth in eCommerce sales, it proves shoppers are getting comfortable making online purchases. But they are also getting very selective and savvy in who they buy from.

Since purchasing online doesn’t allow any touch and feel (not yet anyway), it stands to reason that your opportunity to impress a potential buyer is initially through product photographs.

The Quality of Your Product Photograph has a Direct Impact On The Perceived Value Of the Product Click To Tweet

High-quality and multiple views of a product have a direct relationship to impacting online shoppers buying decision. This is even more noticeable on sites like Amazon and eBay, where similar products are lined up side by side.

Photographs trigger emotion and most purchase behaviours are based on impulse and emotion. Having high-quality images greatly increase your odds of making a sale. If you could only make one change to your site immediately, I would say this would be it.

All well managed and successful eCommerce sites, have one thing in common; great product images. Clean, crisp, attractive and of the highest quality. No compromises are made in this department and you shouldn’t make any either. Your eCommerce sales will depend highly on the images used.


4. Allow Guest Checkout:

Online visitors and buyers are indebted with sign-ups and it gets extremely annoying and frustrating when they are “forced’ to register an account to make a purchase.

Allowing shoppers to buy using a guest option increases conversion rates and reduces cart abandonment. Increase eCommerce sales by making purchasing swift and easy for your customers.

Fewer barriers = more sales.

Almost 25% of shoppers have cited creating an account as one reason for abandoning their cart. Click To Tweet

A majority of the large online stores such as Staples are opting towards this methodology of check out and it has shown an increase in sales.




5. Post Security Badges:

People buy from people they trust. Click To Tweet

How is your eCommerce setup to show and build that trust? Besides the https on the URL bar, make sure you display your SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your website pages (especially the checkout pages) and ensure it is clearly visible to your clients.

By posting these badges on key pages, it gives customers confidence and increases their trust in your site. Which ultimately leads to increased conversion rates.

Below are samples of few SSL certificate providers:



6. Include Reviews:

Over 80% of online purchasing decisions are influenced by referrals and reviews. Checking online recommendations are now part and parcel of our buying cycle and mindset.

From movies, books, golf courses, restaurants, furniture, shoes, ties etc almost all of our purchases are triggered by reading online feedbacks from other consumers.

Reviews have become an industry in itself. For example; Yotpo helps businesses build their online reputation and trust by getting reviews from their clients. This has a direct impact on the business’s online sales.

Businesses selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc platform depend entirely on reviews to sell products.

Check out these stats and see how you can increase your eCommerce sales using reviews from your customers;


The sad truth is that most eCommerce site owners don’t ask for reviews (only 7% do). Make sure you reach out to your current customers and entice them to leave you reviews, especially ones that have had a very positive experience on your store.

You will be pleasantly surprised how this can impact your online sales and it will cost you almost nothing.


7. Improve Abandoned Carts 

This is a huge challenge with online shops. A customer lands on a product page, likes what they see, initiates the purchase and half way through the checkout page, abandons the cart. There are numerous reasons for abandoned carts; a post for another day.

Look at the following abandoned carts statistics:



Follow up with strategic emails (within hours) to entice buyer back after they have abandoned cart. This strategy works well and has helped businesses increase their eCommerce sales. Sometimes it may take several email reminders strategically written, to bring back the buyer, but if you have not setup your eCommerce shop to handle this, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Make sure you set this up immediately.


8. Provide Solid Guarantees:

Part of building trust and confidence with your customers is to provide rock-solid guarantees. When buyers understand they have a risk free guarantee, it puts their mind at ease and allows them to buy with absolute confidence. The guarantees alone entice them to return and be loyal clients.

Spell and list out your guarantees in simple terms such as; the number of days for return, return shipping costs, restocking charges, return or refund procedures, how funds will be refunded etc. Stay away from being overly technical or vague. People like to deal with honest sites, the more transparent your policy the greater the chance of repeat business.

The better the guarantee on your eCommerce site, the higher your conversion rate. Click To Tweet



9. About Us:

Customers prefer to buy from people they like. Since your interaction with an online customer is almost zero at best and first impressions are important, it is imperative you take the time to craft your About Us page.

It needs, to be honest, easy to find, fun and engaging. Include profiles of your staff. Share your social media pages, include images and/or videos, post feedback from fans and more importantly, keep it updated.

About Us page builds trust and confidence, it’s also a cool way to share your business growth and progress.

Here is an interesting About Us page example;



10. Contact Us:

If your eCommerce site has a generic Contact Us page with a form that needs to be filled for any further inquiries you could be losing sales. A good Contact page builds a comfort level and trust for buyers.

Contact Page does not need to be sophisticated or complex. It needs to include critical information which will assure your customer that you or your staff are easily reachable. It should have multiple manners to connect with your business such as; contact form, email address, telephone, social media links and your physical address (if available) including a map.

A bonus is to have an online chat option for help, which has proved to have a positive impact on eCommerce sales.


11. Fulfilment:

This is a big word in business. It encompasses a multitude of actions by your business to appease customer needs such as; shipping, follow up on back orders, customer inquiries, product returns, refunds etc.

Amazon and large eCommerce sites have the manpower and infrastructure to handle these issues with greater ease when compared to a smaller online store. But a smaller eCommerce site has the ability to handle individual concerns in a more intimate manner and build a stronger bond with customers.

Increasing fulfillment rates will have a direct impact on your eCommerce sales growth. Click To Tweet


Working on any online business requires consistent fine-tuning, testing and adjustments to your shop. It’s a work in progress. The above tips are a great start to helping any online store work towards increasing its eCommerce sales.

Take each item and apply them diligently to your shop and you will start to see your sales grow.

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