10 Reasons to Start an Ecommerce Business

launching-ecommerce-stores-bizpudding-webeCommerce is a hot topic in the business world with trillions of dollars being spent by consumers in the eCommerce sector.  Brick and mortar stores for certain verticals will continue to exist for various reasons, but with proven numbers, eCommerce is the wave of now and foreseeable future.

The online shop space is growing at an alarming rate and according to this article on fortune.com;

The survey, polled more than 5,000 consumers who make at least two online purchases in a three-month period. According to results, shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online, compared to 48% in 2015 and 47% in 2014.

As online shopping accelerates, so does the use of smartphones to make purchases. The survey showed that 44% of smartphone users made buys through their devices, compared to 41% a year ago.

10 powerful reasons to start an eCommerce site;


1.  Buyers are Comfortable Shopping Online (Go where the Fish are)

More than 50% of shoppers have no hesitation buying online. With the growth in mobile technology including powerfully responsive websites, it is easier and seamless than ever to make online purchases. If confidence buying online is growing daily, it makes perfect sense to have an eCommerce presence.

With buyers being more comfortable online, they naturally transact more in terms of purchases and other activities online. It has become almost impossible to not get involved in an online transaction, hasn’t it? Our journey started just chasing and searching for information but has evolved into buying simple things such as pizzas, groceries, business cards to complex purchases such as mortgages, insurance, properties online with ease.  Let me put it this way, can you name something that is not being sold online?

Go where the fish are, you have a better chance of catching one.


 2. It’s Easy to Start an eCommerce Business (Launch in Hours)

You don’t need tech savvy knowledge to get an online store or an eCommerce site up and running. Things have changed. New platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and many other have completely shifted the paradigm in the online shopping environment. Using simple drag and drop framework, it can take a newbie just a few hours to launch an online business.

So much emphasize has been placed on simplicity and minimizing the learning curve for setting up eCommerce stores, that it is actually fun setting up a shop. If you can use a mouse and edit a word document, you can pretty much use one of any decent eCommerce platforms to get your business launched. Just Click and Launch.


3. Conduct Business and Make Money Sleeping (You Like Easy Money?)

starting-ecommerce-business-bizpudding1-webHow would you like to make money whilst asleep, on vacation or on a night out with family and friends? Yes, it requires work and with right products and exposure, your ecommerce shop will generate income during all hours.

eCommerce transactions occur at all hours because your potential clients live around the globe and they are looking to buy your products. Pick and sell products that are in the right niche and market and you could be enjoying a healthy online business; 24/7/365.


4. Starting an eCommerce Site Is Cheap (Don’t Eat Out One Evening)

Depending on the business you decide, it can cost you as little as $50 to get into the eCommerce space. There are multiple options and avenues to generate income online which we cover further in this post and upcoming ones.

Besides, the cost of registering a domain name and depending on the option you choose, you may need or not need hosting. eCommerce platforms like Shopify and others include hosting your store for a monthly price of $29 or less. Another alternative is; WooCommerce (based on WordPress platform), is one way to eliminate monthly fees but requires you to purchase hosting.

Either way, this proves that you can have a business that generates income for less than a price of a cup of coffee per day.


5. Create A Side Income or Gig (Use Your Talent)

You are an avid writer, a designer, a chef, tutor, artist and the list goes on. Admit it, we are all good at something or passionate about something. Use your talents to find paying customers who want to buy your talent or products.

The problem? They can’t find you or have never heard of you. Use eCommerce to sell your talent and knowledge through online training or courses. It’s a great way to make extra money on the side and create a source of extra income without breaking a sweat or the bank.

I recently came across a lady that has been teaching online yoga courses on her eCommerce site and she has taken this a step further by doing live yoga training through Skype. She stated she is doing nicely, thank you.


6. Sell Products Globally (You Don’t Even Have To Meet The Customer)

selling-products-ecommerce-bizpudding-webThe internet and social media are great for introverts, or perhaps it turns us into one. Either way, the internet has been a fantastic medium to grow and connect us to places and people we perhaps would never have reached or met in the first place. It has also allowed us the ability to buy and sell products and services to every corner of the world. As long as we have products and services that can fulfil the needs of an individual, they are potentially our client.


7. Sell Other People’s Products (Buy from Paul and Sell to Peter)

With the ease in which one can sell products online, it seems almost a crime to try and manufacture your own. It’s a different story if you are an artisan or designer who creates a unique brand of products. But if you make nothing or are not even currently in business and want an online store to sell products, you can go out and find suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and just buy from them to resell on your ecommerce store.

Initially, at least, the best way to get involved in an online business is to start off my selling someone else’s products. Remember the idea is not to go crazy and invest vast amounts of money to get started. Find a decent niche or market you enjoy, locate reliable suppliers, then either carry an inventory of goods or use drop shipping as a means of selling to customer’s online.


8. Sell Almost Anything Online (No, Not the Neighbours Cat)

Search for anything online and you will find someone selling it. Can you find something that is not being sold on the net? If you do, let me know, please. The range of products are vast; physical products, digital products, courses, e-books, training aids, heck yoga classes via Skype and the list is endless. What does that tell you? Exactly, you can sell anything (we are talking legit stuff only) you want. All this also means that the playground to sell “things” on the net is vast and open. You just need to get started.


9. Work From Anywhere (Literally Anywhere!)

With everything being web based and now cloud-based, you can be anywhere (yes, even the beach like some of those ads) in the world and conduct eCommerce transactions with ease, via a laptop, tabloid or mobile. Online business has no barriers in terms of time, space and location.


10. Be Your Own Boss and A Business Owner

be-your-own-boss-ecommerce-bizpudding-webWell, you always dreamt of owning your own business, calling the shots, making “executive” decisions. This is your chance. Never in the history of the business world has it been easier, cheaper and faster to start and own a business then now! Of course, it requires work, dedication and some studying to becoming a self-sustaining profitable venture. Isn’t it time to have CEO after your name? Just believe and work, you can do it!

Share this with family, friends and associates who are curious about eCommerce. Perhaps they are hesitant, unsure and sitting on the fence. Get them motivated to start now!

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  1. soniya says:

    Very informative. I’ve been hesitant because it all seemed overwhelming! I found this inspiring.

    • bizpudding says:


      Thanks for visiting and glad you found the post informative. Yes, things on the net and especially with eCommerce may feel overwhelming initially, but dissect them into smaller steps and it becomes very manageable and exciting.

      Was there anything in particular that you need help with or would you like a step by step guide?